Tips on Staging your Home for a Quick Sale

If you are looking to move your home off of the market quickly, but have not been getting the “bites” you desire, the issue may not be your home or its price.  The issue quite possibly could be the way your home appears. Not every buyer can conceptualize styles or decorations that are not present, especially [...]

Put Your Mind at Ease: Debunking Common Real Estate Myths

The home buying and selling process is undoubtedly a stressful one based on the level of monetary investment a buyer will make or the level of financial return a seller will seek. However, some of that stress can be managed if you realize what commonly believed real estate myths are false. Unless you’re a real estate [...]

Helpful Hints For Sellers

01 KEEP A PAD AND PEN BY THE PHONE Jot down all appointments made. Get the name of the salesperson, the company they work for, the phone number, and time they are expected to arrive. 02 HOME ACCESS  Never let anyone into your home unless they are accompanied by a real estate agent. If the person who [...]

Moving Guide & Checklist

Moving can be a difficult and stressful process, but the actual day can be downright overwhelming. It is possible that the stress level can be reduced with the proper planning and preparation. Knowing what you need to get done and in what order will put your mind at ease. Below are some pointers and reminders to [...]

10 Strategies For Selling Your Home

  #1: Pricing It Right  The most important factor to consider when selling your home is determining the right price. Your Signature Premier Properties agent will provide you with accurate and current market data to position your home properly to stand out from the competition and to net you the most money in today’s real estate [...]

Are You Ready To Sell?

    Know Why You’re Selling It can be important to examine your reasons for wanting to sell, because your motivation will play an important role in the process. From setting a price to deciding how much time and money you’re willing to invest, to preparing your home for selling. Do Your Homework Before Setting A [...]

Kids Moving Checklist

Photo Exchange: Before you move, take photos of the old house and friends for a photo album keepsake. Exchange phone numbers, addresses, and emails to stay in touch. Packing: Label and decorate moving boxes for your kids. Return library books and rented movies. Make sure all art supplied are sealed and pack them separately. Moving Day: [...]

Signature Syndication

Global Reach We know how important the Internet is, which is why we feature our listings on the most popular real estate websites. We make sure that we maximize every opportunity to attract qualified buyers to the table. Also featured on: AOL Real Estate | | Chase My New Home | eLookyLoo | Harmon [...]

Staging Your Home

YOUR FIRST SHOWING HAPPENS ONLINE... Your first showing is long before the first potential buyers arrive at your doorstep; it’s actually the moment your listing appears online. The photos of your house, along with the pricing and listing description, determine whether or not your house is considered good enough for an in-person look, or placed on the [...]

The Home Selling Process

  The home selling process can be scary at first. Your Signature Premier Properties agent will help you with selling your home every second of the way. When it comes to selling your home, you’re in safe hands with us! CONTACT Contact your Signature Premier Properties real estate agent. VALUE Determine the current value of [...]