Tips on Staging your Home for a Quick Sale


If you are looking to move your home off of the market quickly, but have not been getting the “bites” you desire, the issue may not be your home or its price.  The issue quite possibly could be the way your home appears. Not every buyer can conceptualize styles or decorations that are not present, especially [...]

Put Your Mind at Ease: Debunking Common Real Estate Myths


The home buying and selling process is undoubtedly a stressful one based on the level of monetary investment a buyer will make or the level of financial return a seller will seek. However, some of that stress can be managed if you realize what commonly believed real estate myths are false. Unless you’re a real estate [...]

10 Strategies For Selling Your Home


  #1: Pricing It Right  The most important factor to consider when selling your home is determining the right price. Your Signature Premier Properties agent will provide you with accurate and current market data to position your home properly to stand out from the competition and to net you the most money in today’s real estate [...]