2018 Signature Montauk Retreat

Our 8th Annual Montauk Retreat was the perfect way to end the summer. Although the sun didn't shine, we still laughed, relaxed and even danced under the stars and rain!

How To Use Real Estate As Your Retirement Plan

Whether you have put in your time and desire to retire but cannot see a practical way from a financial standpoint, or are younger and seek an early retirement plan that will have you financially well off into your later years, real estate investment is a terrific option.  In Nassau County, the average household income is [...]

Live Like a Local | Issue No. 8


Live Like a Local | Issue No. 7


The Real Estate Market: Understanding Common Misconceptions and the Untold Truths of Real Estate

Real estate is a field that everyone at least knows something about.  With all of the television shows, blogs and articles written on flipping houses, creating a fortune through a real estate empire, buying and selling, and all other aspects of real estate, in addition to our own personal experience, we all believe we are experts [...]

Live Like a Local | Issue No. 6


Live Like a Local | Issue No. 5


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Live Like a Local | Issue No. 3

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