Moving to Long Island? Consider These Things

To many, especially those that have always called Long Island home, Long Island represents the best of both worlds: all of the perks of suburbia, with a close proximity to city life.  In fact, Long Island itself can be considered to be comprised of “mini cities,” which themselves offer all of the amenities of city life, [...]

Your Weekly Home Hack!

This week: Jewelry/Watch Holders – Paper Towel Rolls! Christmas has quickly come and gone, and some of us are still finding new homes for our gifts. If you received new jewelry or watches this year, here’s a great hack for you! Believe it or not, using paper towel rolls is a great, inexpensive way to hold [...]

Your Weekly Home Hack!

This week: Plastic Bag Holders; Tissue Boxes! As of January 1st, 2018, Suffolk County put a new law into effect, shoppers will have to pay 5 cents for plastic bags or bring their own reusable bags while shopping. Using reusable bags is a wonderful opportunity for our environment to become healthier. Reusing bags will prevent litter [...]

Winter Storm Preparation Tips

Winter on Long Island can be magical but with cold temperatures and snow accumulation, we want to make sure we always stay safe during a snow storm. Be sure to check out these blizzard tips and important contact numbers to help you prepare for a winter storm. Blizzard Tips: Listen to a NOAA Weather Radio or [...]

Tips On Purchasing A Fixer Upper On Long Island!

  Long Island’s real estate market is full of expansive estates, waterfront properties and quaint family homes. New development is rare due to how built up Long Island is and areas of preservation. However, Long Island does have its fair share of “fixer upper” properties, whether foreclosure properties, storm-damaged properties or just simply outdated properties. The [...]

Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas!

Thanksgiving has quickly come, and after hours and hours of cooking, why not spruce up your Thanksgiving table with great decorations to WOW your guests. Before you prepare your delicious dinner, prepare your table! Feast your eyes on these 10 fun and easy ways to make your Thanksgiving table look fantastic!   GOLD CLAY LEAVES What [...]

Long Island’s Robust Celebrity Homeowners

  Long Island’s real estate market is most commonly known for attracting young families looking to flee the hustle of the city, settle in a good neighborhood with prominent schools or have a sufficient amount of land.  Long Island homeowners also consist of middle aged families and elderly living in the home they grew up in, [...]

10 Last Minute Halloween DIY Costumes!

Halloween is right around the corner, and time is running out to buy a costume. If you don’t have time or don’t feel like spending money on an expensive costume, here are a few fun ideas to make your own costume! All of these can be done for kids and adults!   1. Umbrella Bat Costume [...]

Tips to Buying a Home on Long Island

  Purchasing a home, especially if it is your first, is a very exciting milestone, albeit somewhat scary and overwhelming. The Long Island real estate market is comprised of mostly ownership options, as available apartments and other rentals, although increasing in number, are largely dwarfed by purchased homes. Home ownership is rewarding, but also hard work. [...]

10 Fall DIY Home Decoration Ideas!

Fall is finally here and you know what that means… it's time to take down all of your summer gear around the house and give your home the colorful autumn look it’s been waiting for! Instead of using all the same decorations from last year, make your own this year! There are many fun fall DIY [...]