Tips to Buying a Home on Long Island


  Purchasing a home, especially if it is your first, is a very exciting milestone, albeit somewhat scary and overwhelming. The Long Island real estate market is comprised of mostly ownership options, as available apartments and other rentals, although increasing in number, are largely dwarfed by purchased homes. Home ownership is rewarding, but also hard work. [...]

10 Labor Day Recipes That Are Easy And Delicious!


Labor Day is usually the first sign that summer is coming to an end. If summer has to end, at least end it with good food! Take a look at these 10 mouthwatering recipes that are great for any Labor Day Party! 1. Shrimp Dip Shrimp is known to be America’s favorite seafood. Wow your guests [...]

The Growth Of Developments On Long Island


  Long Island real estate has always been centered around the appeal of suburbia: Long Islanders are close enough to the city that it is accessible whenever wanted or needed but far enough to maintain a more quiet and more spacious existence. Owning real estate on Long Island, especially along the shores, has always been a [...]